Friday, February 1, 2013

Smoking section

As a reward for putting up with all of last month's sky shots, I'll start off this month with a batch of airplanes - each caught in those first moments that the tires touch the runway.

 A couple from our east traffic sessions last month:

I saved the best one for last; you'll have to look closely!


  1. The errant spouse and I were on a cheap date the other afternoon when the LH 748 (?) made her short turn into the slope and landed on 24R. She is a beauty and those babies smoked when the rolling rubber hit the concrete.

    Enjoyed seeing all those baby airbuses from DL and UA migrating over to the 24's since 25R was shut down.

    Love your pictures!

    1. Yes, the 25R closure did mix things up for a few days, and provided some great training opportunities as well.


  2. Great pics!! I liked that YZR especially.


  3. Yep.......this 'Post' is "Smoking".........!!!

    that mili-second.....before the tires touch the earth.....when you feel as between two universes....the power is let up...and it feels as if the plane is floating....I always hold my breath during that 'mili-second'....the wheels kiss the runways.....Hello World..!!
    and btw...the 'Tires' are the Stars of the 'landing'.......the plane just happens to be attached...;))))
    Can't see the smoke on the last shot.....but in true "Aviation Geek" form........I stared at it for at least a half hour.....looking....

    1. Look directly below the exhaust cone of the Number 1 engine - the left outboard has just begun to touch. A lucky shot - I couldn't do that again if I tried!