Monday, January 21, 2013

What's wrong with those pictures?

Many of you left comments showing that you've been paying attention; well done!  For those who might have missed my previous discussion on the topic of similar-sounding callsigns, here's a quick synopsis:

Both of these pairs of strips have aircraft with similar callsigns and the same proposed departure time. I noticed these because I happened to work all four of these aircraft. As it so happened, each pair that I showed you arrived at the runway just in the order you saw them: EVA was right behind Delta, and (on a different day), Deltas 1554 and 1654 were one-behind-the-other on the taxiway. As you have a right to expect, your brilliant and dedicated LAX ATC handled the situation with grace, style, and aplomb.


  1. At least #1554 is a 75 and #1654 is a 76. Would be even more confusing if it was the other way around.


    1. It did help that one of them (and ONLY one) was a heavy, since that added a little bit more distinction between the two. Not so helpful is that Delta, like many other carriers with both types, has pilots who fly both - and so may, or may not, remember that they are (or are not) a heavy on this leg.