Wednesday, November 16, 2011

East traffic teaser

I'm working on a collection of shots from our recent sessions of east traffic. In the interim, here's a teaser:


  1. Flew in on the 6th, ILS 7L, it was very interesting to actually do that during the day, and not the usual REDEYE to the north complex.

    Also, I didn't realize how tight that A380 is on the north side, crazy.

    Side note: Any idea what's up with the construction around T4? It's very odd to have American MD80s at the remote stands.

  2. I looked out of my window today and noticed the weather, so I figured you guys would be east traffic again. As I drove on the 405 freeway I noticed that KLGB was departing opposite of the direction they usually, which is usually an indicator for me that you guys would be east traffic (I don't know if they always flip their field when you guys do). By time I got to work I noticed that indeed you guys were east traffic. Can't wait to see more photos.