Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just another day at the office . . .

This was how it started: First view, from the Sepulveda exit ramp

As seen from Taxiway A

The SuperTug, as seen from the open nose

Portions of the B747 fuselage are built here in LA, then shipped to the Boeing factory in Washington where the airplanes are assembled.

This is the cargo deck: Each of the little round circles has a pair of rollers in it; the circles themselves also spin, so the rollers can roll in any direction. The big black roller has a scale built into it. Gotta be careful walking on this floor!


  1. Has the 747-8I flown into LAX yet? Since only a couple of airliners bought it (Lufthansa and Korean), it will be sad to see the passenger varient of the 747 fade into LAX's past. Though I would guess Lufthansa and Korean would most probably fly their new 747's into LAX.

  2. The only B748s that I've seen here have been freighters. Most of the B747 passenger carriers seem to be transitioning into B777s or, to a lesser extent, A380s. I have not heard any mention of airlines bringing people here in B748s; however Korean is expected to begin A380 service into LAX in October, and Lufthansa has indicated a desire to bring the A380 here at some point as well.