Monday, March 28, 2011

Construction Update and Hey - What's that?!

After over a week of gray and wet weather in LA (most of which I missed out on thanks to a strategically-timed Texas trip), the sun came out again and so here are some new photos of the construction at the Tom Bradley International Terminal:

Here's the north end of the TBIT. In the background can be seen the Taxiway Delta extension and Taxiway Sierra relocation construction.

Here's the southern end of the TBIT. We've been told that the big crane is as tall as the control tower; when the weather gets bad they have to take it down. Behind the crane is the other end of the Taxiway Sierra relocation and the . . . HEY! What's that behind the crane?!?

Here's another look

The first Korean Airbus I've ever seen at LAX; in this case an A330-200

The Korean A332 sandwiched between a pair of B777s: On the left, an El Al B772; on the right, a V Australia B773.

And here's another look at the Taxiway Delta and Sierra project, with one of Air New Zealand's new B777-300s on Taxiway Echo, along with an Asiana B744 and a Qantas A380 at the TBIT. For now, I'm only seeing one Qantas A380 per day at LAX. Meanwhile, I've heard the Singapore A380s destined for LAX are on indefinite hold. It sounds like the next carrier to bring A380s into LAX is going to be Korean Air, starting in October. The A380 will replace the B744 Korean currently uses on its mid-day flight to Seoul. Korean's other flights are serviced with B772s and B773s (and now, apparently, A332s).

One other news item that sadly lacks a photo (sorry): Today, Iberia started nonstop service to Madrid, Spain, using Airbus 340s. It's been over ten years since Iberia offered service into LAX; they're operating three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Link to LAWA News Press Releases

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  1. I know the call for requests was last week, but how about another map of LAX for those of us who have forgotten the previous post and are too lazy to find it? It would help us follow the descriptions of ongoing construction.