Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early morning fog

Sunrise: Looking to the east, all clear

After last month's epic posting about the marine layer, it may seem like overkill to even mention that subject again. Except that exactly one year ago, I took this neat collection of early-morning shots. This entire sequence happened in the space of about five minutes.


As we look to the south, though, Redondo Beach is hidden beneath a layer of fog

Looking southwest, it seems that Redondo isn't the only place with fog!

And now looking west towards the beach, the west end of the airport is already hidden

As is most of the runway 24 complex

In almost no time at all, the southwest portion of the airport also begins to disappear

By now, the northern end of the International Terminal, along with Terminal 3, are quickly being hidden

And then the International Terminal is gone

As is Terminal 3

Terminal 2 seems to hold out in a little bubble . . .

But not for long: Soon, Terminal 2 begins to disappear as well. While the runways are hidden, we can still just barely make out the aircraft on Taxiway E, waiting to depart.

The fog continues to snake its way over the north side of the airport. Here, we can still see the D-8 alley and Terminal 1, but the 24 runway complex is hidden; the fog continues eastwards over Terminal 1

Meanwhile, back on the south side, Terminal 4 is rapidly being overtaken

The fog continues its progress towards Terminal 5. By now, the west half of the runway 25 complex is also no longer visible.

Looking back towards the east and the rising sun, we can see tendrils wafting over Terminals 6 and 7.

And then they too are gone.

Here, a departing Delta pops up above the fog

Soon it's all gone - hidden beneath 250 feet of fog

An unusual view from the tower - it's as if we're floating on a sea of fog

By lunchtime, all clear again!

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  1. Great photo series! The fog takes on an almost life-like character - Steven King would be inspired.

    Who decides where to put airports anyway?