Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who's That? Part 12 Answers

Finally! This week's answers have been slow in coming because I lost track of the originals for a couple of the shots. After posting the tails, I subsequently discovered that I didn't have complete photos for all of this week's answers. As I may have mentioned a while back, I've been slowly transitioning from my old G4 iBook to a new MacBook. Photos taken this year are on the MacBook; earlier shots are all on the iBook - and it's been getting a bit temperamental lately. Thanks to the recent return of 'June gloom', make-up photo opportunities have been limited and there is a definite gray tendency evident in the shots I have gotten. Anyway, without further ado, here we go:

Air Berlin, Germany's second-largest airline, flies from LA to Dusseldorf, Germany, using Airbus 330-200's. This route was originally flown by LTU, which has been taken over by Air Berlin. I got lucky with this shot and caught the mains just touching down on runway 24 right.

This was the shot that I had most of the trouble with: Air India has merged with Indian Airlines, and this is the new livery. I've only caught it once with the camera, and they have since quit flying into LAX. I like this new scheme, and hopefully we'll get to see it here again someday.

I've previously shown you Allegiant's current paint scheme; this was the previous livery.

Bogota-based Avianca is Columbia's flag carrier. In case the third picture didn't make it obvious, the airline is partly owned by the National Federation of Columbian Coffee Growers. A close inspection reveals that the first and third shots are of the same aircraft, a year or two apart.

LAN, which formerly stood for Linea Aerea Nacional, is Chile's flag carrier. We also get service from subsidiary LAN Peru (callsigns LAN Chile and LAN Peru, respectively). Both fly from LAX to Lima, using B763's and A343's with apparently identical paint schemes: If there's a difference between them, I haven't spotted it yet.

MasAir is a Mexican cargo carrier based in Mexico City. According to my sources, they have a fleet of two B763's, and at times they're both on the ground here at once. Here they are, although not together.

Mexicana, the first airline established in Mexico, has the distinction of being North America's oldest airline. This A318 models their latest paint scheme, featuring a stylized eagle.

Swiss International Air Lines was formed from the former Swissair, and is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. They fly from here to their Zurich hub using A343's like this one.

I've shown you TACA before, but this is their new livery. TACA, like LAN, is a branded group of airlines, two of which fly into LAX (TACA and LACSA). TACA is from El Salvador, while LACSA is from Costa Rica.

This was a sneaky one, as I haven't mentioned these guys up til now: Volaris is a fairly new Mexican airline based at Toluca, west of Mexico City. Los Angeles was their first US destination, with service starting earlier this summer. Like some other airlines, each of their aircraft has a name.

Calgary-based WestJet is Canada's second-largest airline. In addition to Calgary, they
have recently added service from LA to Edmonton, using B737's. They use both B737's and the larger B738's on the flights to/from Calgary.

Yangtze River is a Chinese cargo carrier based in Shanghai. They've got three of these B744's, and I've seen at least two of them here at one time. Besides Shanghai, they also fly from here to DFW, which I believe is the only other place they can be seen in this country.

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