Friday, May 29, 2009

Who's That? Answers, Part 2

Pretty easy, after all: Some of these in Part 2 could have been in Part 1, but it starts getting tricky here.

US Air, seen here in old and new (black and white, respectively) schemes, along with their Arizona special. The Arizona is an A319, the others are A321's.

United, in their new 'white top' scheme, seen here on a B752.

Northwest, whose logo makes more sense when seen from this side.
This is an A319.

AirTran, in a B737. If you look back at yesterday's picture, you'll see that I had to crop it pretty tightly to omit the winglet - which lists their web address on the inboard side.

Air Canada about to touch down on runway 24 right in an E190.

Lufthansa in an A346. I've just noticed that we're getting more Lufthansa A346's, and fewer of their B744's. They bring in two or three flights a day, and on at least one day last week, they were all in Airbuses.

This one's a little tricky: the tail says 'Fiji', but the carrier name is Air Pacific.

Qantas, seen here in a B744.

Okay, so these were mostly gimmes also. Keep studying!


  1. You post the answers too quickly; I don't get a chance to participate! A weekly contest, perhaps?


  2. I have just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love it! I'm making my way to the most recent entries and this is how far I've gotten. Just a question - the picture of the Qantas tail in "Who's That? Part 2" made me quite certain that it's their A380 pictured there but in the answers you show a B744. Am I going crazy?

    Love your writing style and all the pics!

  3. Bella -

    Welcome to the blog, and I'm glad you like it (so far, anyway - it gets worse!)

    Sharp eyes: It is the A380 tail pictured. However, take another look at some of the others, because that was not the first switcheroo in the series: By the time you get to Qantas, there have been three previous examples where the tail and the answer photos are not the same model of aircraft. Subsequent entries contain some more. How many can you find? (That could be a whole new series!)