Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farmers Market

While I was out and about, ostensibly running errands, but mostly just avoiding my chores, I happened into our local farmers market this afternoon, and found a couple of interesting citrus:

Blood Oranges. While I'm no doctor, I'm thinking that if your blood is that color, you're in trouble. Look neat, but not terribly tasty, juicy, nor sweet. I gave my mom a blood orange tree for her birthday recently - Sorry mom! Maybe Pshammy will like them . . .

This is a Pomelo - kind of an over-grown grapefruit. This one is actually small; most of the ones I saw were a good bit larger, and a few were nearly twice this size. I'd never heard of these until a few months ago, when I found some dried pomelo at Trader Joe's. I like the taste, but the first whiff you get when you open the package is repugnant - it smells like skunk. I haven't tried it fresh yet, but it smells fine sitting on the kitchen counter.

Meanwhile, from the department of the ridiculously silly, comes this news item from Scotland:

Force is strong for Jedi police

I wish I'd thought of that!

I've a friend who wants to take advantage of the low airfares to go to Australia. Now I think I know why the fares are so low:

Snakes escape on Qantas flight

In other animal news, cloning sheep is so yesteryear:

First camel clone born in Dubai

And I'll leave you with this:

Dig may reveal Cleopatra's tomb

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  1. I have no doubt that MY blood oranges will be delicious. So far most of my citrus has been "exceptional" in some way; the blood orange, I'm sure, will follow suit.