Monday, March 2, 2009

Delta Airbuses spotted

Last month, I showed you pictures of the Delta/Northwest B747, B757, and Airbus 330. Since then, a few of the A320-series Northwest Airbuses have shown up wearing the new Delta scheme. Northwest has A319's and A320's, the two middle models of the range, which runs from the A318 to the A321. The larger the number, the longer the fuselage. While I should use this as the starting point for the next part of the LAX Aircraft Spotter's Guide, the iBook's battery isn't up to the task right now, so you'll have to stay tuned!

In this picture there's one of each: the Delta is an A319, while the silver Northwest is an A320.
An easy way to tell the two apart (aside from length) is the overwing exits: the A319 has one, while the A320 has two.

This fuzzy shot through the tower windowshade was the first A320 I've seen in the Delta livery. I must concede that I'm not yet used to seeing Delta colors on Airbuses.

Here's a little Airbus lagniappe: Air Jamaica's one daily flight arrives and then departs again after dark, and so photo opportunities are few. I caught this A320 at Terminal Five last week.

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