Thursday, May 29, 2008

Neat plane pix

Working in the tower at the nation's fourth busiest airport gives me plenty of opportunity to see special paint schemes. Southwest has a number of specials, many with state flag themes. I haven't managed to catch all of them with the camera yet.

They told me that this coat of arms scheme is Maryland. I had to google it to be sure.

I caught this corporate looking Southwest shortly after they got it from Ford - I think it's been repainted by now.

Arizona - shot through the tower window and shades (sorry)

One of my favorites, also shot through the shades.

Silver Anniversary

American's retro scheme

I've managed to catch some of Alaska's specials. This is one of their several Disney-themed paint schemes.

And here's another: the Tinkerbell jet.

Horizon flies CRJ's and Dash 8's for Alaska, in the same way that Skywest does for United and Delta. This Horizon CRJ is one of several that have college logos.

Memories of a bygone era . . . the DC-3 at the Flight Path museum on the south ramp

Not a particularly special paint job - I guess you could call it 'generic airliner'.

America West also had some state- or team-themed paint jobs, mostly on 757's. These are beginning to disappear as the merger with USAir progresses. A few of the schemes have reappeared on the Airbuses like this one, also shot through the shades.

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